Energy Audit/Accounting in DISCOM

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Regulations on Manner and Intervals for Conduct of Energy Audit/Accounting in DISCOMs 

Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE) through Ministry of Power, Government of India issued regulations for Conduct of Mandatory Annual Energy Audit and Periodic Energy Accounting in DISCOMs. As per the regulation, all Electricity Distribution Companies are mandated to conduct annual energy audit and periodic energy accounting on quarterly basis.

Owing to the impact of energy auditing on the entire distribution and retail supply business and absence of an existing framework with dedicated focus on the same, it was imperative to develop a set of comprehensive guidelines that all Distribution utilities across India can follow and adhere to.

Accordingly, Regulations on Manner and Intervals for Conduct of Energy Audit and Accounting in Electricity Distribution Companies has been framed. Energy Accounting means accounting of all energy inflows at various voltage levels in the distribution periphery of the network, including renewable energy generation and open access consumers, and energy consumption by the end consumers. Energy accounting and a consequent annual energy audit would help to identify areas of high loss and pilferage, and thereafter focus efforts to take corrective action.

These Regulations for Energy audit in Electricity Distribution Companies provides broad framework for conduct of Annual Energy Audit though and Quarterly Periodic Energy Accounting with necessary Pre-requisites and reporting requirements to be met.

1. Periodic (Quarterly) Energy Accounting Reports by DISCOMs 

2. Annual Energy Audit Report by DISCOMs