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1. Energy Service Companies (ESCOs)

2.Star Rating Scheme for Commercial Building

To create a market pull for energy efficient buildings, BEE developed a voluntary Star Rating Programme for commercial buildings which is based on the actual performance of a building, in terms of energy usage in the building over its area expressed in kWh/sqm/year. This Programme rates buildings on a 1-5 star scale, with 5-Star labelled buildings being the most energy efficient. So far, around 184 buildings have been star rated under various categories

  1. Star Rating Scheme for Office Buildings
  2. Star Rating Scheme for BPOs
  3. Star Rating Scheme for Hospitals
  4. Star Rating Scheme for Shopping Malls

                    List of Shopping Malls awarded Star Labels under BEE Star Rating Scheme

3.Energy Management Guidebooks

4.Best Practice Guides

5. Energy Benchmarks for Commercial Buildings

6.Energy Efficiency in Residential Buildings

BEE has worked in co-operation with many international experts and agencies. Learning from their experiences and best practices and adopting them as suited. The Indo-US PACE-D programme, Indo-Swiss BEEP project, UNDP and Indo-EU Programme is some of the noteworthy programs.