24 May 2022
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Project Activities in 2016-17

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• Successfully implemented demo project on Concentrated Solar Thermal (CST) parabolic trough for steam generation at AmulFed Dairy, Gandhinagar.
• Knowledge dissemination workshops organized for dairies in Gujarat & Sikkim.
• Energy Management Cells (EMCs) equipped with energy audit instruments established in 9 clusters.
• Workshops organized for formal inauguration of EMCs and energy efficient practices in Coimbatore, Gujarat & Thangadh clusters.
• Organized in-house training program on “Basic Energy Auditing Skills and Handling of Energy Audit Instruments” at National Productivity Council, Chennai.
• 2 international study tours and 2 inter-cluster visits organized.
• Two new clusters (Sikkim & Morbi) included under the project, while discussion initiated with Maharashtra Dairy Cluster.
• Organized inception workshop in Morbi cluster. 
• Fresh Cluster Leaders appointed in Indore, Thangadh and Khurja.
• More than 6000 traditional ceiling fans replaced by energy efficient 28 W ceiling fans in Thangadh and order for another 3500 fans is under way.
• Around 90 small scale EE projects were implemented by industries with the help of Cluster Leaders.
• Around 100 case studies were prepared by Cluster Leaders. Initially, 7 case studies have been published in the form of pamphlets. 
• Published ‘Best Operating Practices’ booklet and ‘Common Monitorable Parameters’ posters for knowledge dissemination. (The repository on case-studies, best operating practices and common monitorable parameters can be accessed from www.indiasavesenergy.in)
• 40 DPRs were prepared on various energy efficient technologies for big investment projects.
• Appointed expert agencies for capacity building of local service providers in all clusters.
• Appointment of expert agencies for cluster level services in three clusters is under-process.
For more details on the project, please visit www.indiasavesenergy.in