03 Feb 2023

Shunya Labeling

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Shunya Labeling for NZEBs and NPEBs

Shunya labeling for Net Zero and Net Positive Buildings: To widen the scope of the Building Labelling Programme based on Energy Consumption, BEE is introducing a Labeling programme for Net Zero Energy Buildings (NZEB) and Net Positive Energy Buildings (NPEB). The programme is named as “Shunya” Labelling Programme. Shunya is the Hindi meaning of Zero (0) thus making it suitable to label the NZEB and NPEB buildings as Shunya.

The rationale for the programme: In line with the commitments made by Hon’ble Prime Minister in COP26 held in Glassgow in 2021, that India will aim to achieve net-zero emissions by 2070, it is recommended to promote the NZEB and NPEB in India. The Shunya Programme aims to identify and commemorate the building owners of NZEB and NPEB by providing a label for their contribution to fulfil the aforesaid commitments made by PM.

Brief description of the Shunya labelling: Two types are Labels are proposed, one is the Shunya Label for NZEBs while another is for NPEBs i.e., Shunya+ (Shunya Plus). For this programme the buildings having 10 ≤ EPI ≤ 0 kWh/m2/year, will be awarded by Shunya Label, while the buildings having EPI < 0 kWh/m2/year will be awarded by Shunya+ label. The programme will encourage the building owners and promotors to make energy-efficient buildings and further making improvements to make it net zero or net positive energy buildings.

Link to download the schedule for the Shunya Labelling programme is given below:

LINK: Schedule for Shunya (Zero) Labelling Programme for Net Zero and Net Positive Energy Buildings