03 Feb 2023

Star Rating for Buildings

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Commercial Buildings

Star Rating of Commercial Buildings: Launched by the Ministry of Power in India in 2009 the programme is based on the energy usage in the building over its area expressed in kWh/sqm/year. In this program,  buildings are rated on a 1-5 scale, with 5-star labeled buildings being the most efficient.

Presently, four typologies of the buildings are covered in the scope viz. Office buildings, BPO, Hospitals, and shopping malls. The buildings having connected loads 100kW and above are considered for the BEE star rating scheme. Recently, BEE has revised the EPI band for Star Rating for Office Buildings and BPOs. The revision of the scheme is effective from January 2022. 

Till date, more than 250 Star Labelling (including renewal) have been awarded to the commercial buildings.
To boost participation from the Govt. sector BEE has waived off Application and renewal fees from the buildings owned/managed by the Central/State Govt., PSUs, Railways, etc.

A web portal to ease the application and expedite the process for verification and approval is being developed and will be launched soon. The link to download the schedule for the above-mentioned four typologies are as follows:

1. Acrobat Schedule for Star Rating of Commercial Buildings Typology-BPO wef 1Jan2022
2. Schedule for Star Rating of Commercial Buildings Office Buildings wef 1Jan2022
4. Scheme For Bee Star Rating For Shopping Malls