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New Construction :

ECBC 2017 (Energy Conservation Building Code) was launched by Hon’ble Minister (IC) for Coal, Mines, NRE and Power on 19thJune, 2017 at Delhi and is applicable for large commercial buildings with connected load of 100 kW and above or 120 kVA and above. ECBC focuses on building envelope, mechanical systems and equipment including heating, ventilating, and air conditioning (HVAC) system, interior and exterior lighting systems, electrical system and renewable energy, and also takes into account the five climates zones (Hot Dry, Warm Humid, Temperate, Composite and Cold) present in India. These included ...... Read More


Existing Building :

There is significant potential in the existing residential and commercial buildings. From various studies, it has been observed that there is potential of 30-40% in the existing commercial buildings. The Bureau is taking up various task for Notification of energy intensive buildings as Designated Consumers, notification by the State authorities for mandatory energy audits and implementation of energy efficiency upgrades in existing buildings, Widen scope of Star Labeling program for commercial buildings to cover multi-storey residential buildings as well, Prepare guidelines for PWD and other owners of public buildings to implement energy- efficiency upgrades, Prepare guidelines for design of low-income housing so as to optimize thermal comfort and outreach programme for building owners and tenants about energy-saving opportunities....... Read More