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With the growth of economy, the demand for energy has grown substantially. Further, the high level of energy intensity in some of the sectors is a matter of concern. In such a scenario efficient use of energy resources and their conservation assume tremendous significance and is essential for curtailment of wasteful consumption and sustainable development. Recognizing the fact that efficient use of energy and its conservation is the least-cost option to meet the increasing energy demand, Government of India has enacted the Energy Conservation Act, 2001 and established the Bureau of Energy Efficiency in March, 2002. The Act provides for institutionalizing and strengthening delivery mechanism for energy efficiency services in the country and provides the much-needed coordination between the various entities. Energy saving is a national cause and all of us will have to join hands and make all out efforts in making India an energy efficient economy and society so that not only we remain competitive within our own market but also are able to compete in the international market.

Mr. Abhay Bakre
( Director General,BEE )