DSM Action Plan

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Demand Side Management (DSM) measures in the Energy Sector is a cost-effective tool. As a customer strategy, DSM programs encourage the installation of end-use technologies that consume less energy, thereby reducing and/or shifting the customers’ overall electric bill. DSM programs can help utilities to reduce their peak power purchases on the wholesale market, thereby lowering their overall cost of operations. The capacity building and other support is essential for the DISCOMs to implement DSM in their respective areas. In this context, Bureau of Energy Efficiency has launched a programme for capacity building of DISCOMs. This will help in capacity building of DISCOM officials and development of various mechanisms to promote DSM in their respective areas.

Increasing supply is an option but inadequate capacity additions in the past and associated environmental and climate concerns makes energy efficiency / Demand Side Management (DSM) as an important strategy to manage demand.

Given this context, Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE) has undertook a detailed study to prepare a DSM action plan for DISCOMs based on load research carried out in DISCOMs. The study aims at understanding the load pattern of different categories of consumers and identified pertinent DSM interventions that would help in bringing down the overall energy requirement and peak demand of the state.

The study has analysed category wise consumption patterns using hourly load data of selected sample feeders (feeders serving predominantly to a consumer category). Focused group discussions and interaction were also undertaken with various stakeholders including utility, state designated agency, regulatory commission, industrial organizations, farmer associations and consumer groups. Based on the analysis and key inputs from the stakeholders, a DSM action plan have been prepared for 34 DISCOMs in which a multi stakeholder approach have been proposed.

During the second phase 28 DISCOMs have been targeted on PAN India level as beneficiary DISCOMs under this programme. Load survey are to be carried out for remaining DISCOMs and DSM action plan to be prepared by the selected agencies.