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The programme "Promoting Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy in Selected MSME Clusters in India” has an objective to develop and promote market environment for introducing energy efficient technologies and enhancing the use of renewable energy technologies in process applications. The programme currently operational in 12 MSME clusters in India from five sectors, respectively: Brass (Jamnagar); Ceramics (Khurja, Thangadh and Morbi); dairy (Gujarat, Sikkim and Kerala); Foundry (Belgaum, Coimbatore and Indore); and hand tools (Jalandhar and Nagaur) and also planning to expand its project activities in  12 more clusters; namely  Dairy ( Tamil Nadu, Orissa, Madhya Pradesh, Andhra Pradesh & Telangana, Kerala, Haryana, Maharashtra, Gujarat & Punjab), Foundry (Ahmedabad & Howrah), Ceramic (Virudhachlam & Himmatnagar) Mixed Cluster (Indore, Sikkim, Ujjain and Pithampur) as a part of upscaling the project activities at national level.

Key achievements of this programme during FY 2018-2019 are as below:

  • Trained 187 units owners, plant managers, shop-floor personnel on energy auditing and best operating practices through 3-days residential capacity building and training workshops at National Productivity Council, Chennai
  • Trained 800 Local service providers (fabricators, maintenance operators, technicians, technology providers and local consultants in all the 12 clusters)
  • 120 Detailed Project Reports (DPRs) have been prepared on various possible EE technologies in the clusters and units have already implemented more than 50 DPRS and many are under various stages of implementation
  • Organized project launch workshop at Kerala Dairy Cluster in August 2018 and inaugurated EMC (Energy Management centre) in Kerala Dairy cluster
  • Cluster-specific technical calendars 2019 were developed for knowledge dissemination and wider reach within the clusters across India
  • Organized international study tour to New Zealand for 25 senior level management from Gujarat, Kerala and Sikkim dairy sectors.
  • Developed cluster specific energy benchmarking report for Morbi ceramic and Kerala dairy sectors
  • Organized inter-cluster study tour to Rajkot foundry cluster for 17 participants from Belgaum foundry cluster.
  • Facilitated installation of solar photovoltaic roof-top systems in 18 ceramic plants at Thangadh with a cumulative capacity of 800kWp. Total roof-top PV installations in the cluster reached about 1 MWp
  • Facilitated installation of energy efficiency compressed air system at Thangadh Ceramic Cluster and total about 25 industries have implemented EE measures in compressed air system
  • Successfully implemented 17 demo projects in 7 clusters with a grant support of ₹ 87,87,490/-.
  • Conducted detailed energy audits in 28 units in Morbi ceramic and Kerala dairy clusters.
  • Developed various knowledge products, case-studies, DPRs.
  • Established 2 new Energy Management Centres in Morbi and Kerala clusters and one more EMC centre at Sikkim is under way.
  • As a new initiative, ‘Energy Clinics’ was organized in Coimbatore cluster to discuss “BOP and EE in Induction Furnace & Cupola Furnace for foundries”
  •  Organized various workshops & seminars on energy efficiency in utilities in clusters.


Project achievement till March 2019

  • About 2250 Participants were attended the workshops
  • 280 MSME units benefited
  • 78 Workshops organized
  • 220 case studies prepared
  • 212 DPRs developed
  • 22 Pilot projects implemented
  • 478 EE & RE measures implemented
  • 7894 toe annual energy savings
  • 6.62 million US$ monetary savings
  • 7.19 million US$ co-financing
  • 49896 tonnes of annual carbon emissions avoided