Municipal DSM

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The Municipality Demand Side Management (Mu-DSM) scheme of BEE was initiated during XI plan. BEE has Identified the immense energy saving potential in municipal sector. The basic objective of the project was to improve the overall energy efficiency of the ULBs, which could lead to substantial savings in the electricity consumption, thereby resulting in cost reduction/savings for the ULBs. The major achievements in the XI plan period are as follows.

  • Situational survey was conducted in 175 ULBs across the country.

  • In 134 ULBs, Bankable DPRs were prepared after taking up Investment Grade Energy Audit (IGEA). The overall potential saving of 120 MW is estimated as part of avoided generation capacity through energy efficiency projects in 134 ULBs.

  • MuDSM web portal was developed under the programme. The portal consists of DPRs and knowledge materials developed under the programme.

Implementation of the project at the ground level is highly necessary which will create a market transformation among technology provider, implementing partners, financial institutions etc.  In view of these facts, it is proposed that implementation of demo projects in 15 ULBs will be undertaken on pilot basis during XII plan. In addition, technical support will be provided to the ULBs by appointing technical experts to selected ULBs. 

List of ECO-III Publications

Report on Demand Side Management in Gujarat

This report highlights the demand side management (DSM) potential in the state of Gujarat

Load Research for Residential and Commercial Establishments in Gujarat

This report covers the findings of the load research survey covering 400 residential and 200 commercial  establishments in Gujarat with details on the end-use consumption patterns and links it to peak and  non-peak supply side constraints and highlights a a suitable programmatic approach to be taken up by  Gujarat Utilities

Energy Efficient Street Lighting Guidelines

This document covers the various aspects of energy efficient streetlighting and guidelines to implement it

Manual for the Development of Municipal Energy Efficiency Projects


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Situational Survey of MuDSM

Summary   Report


MuDSM Data Collection upload

Field measurement and DPRs