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Energy Conservation Building Code 2017

(1) Empanelment of ECBC expert architects

                       (a) Application

                       (b) List of Empanelled ECBC Expert Professionals/Firms

(2)List of ECBC Master Trainers       

(3)ECBC 2016 Update

                        (a)Regional Workshops to fast track the Implementation of ECBC in States of India

                                (a) ECBC 2016 Expert Meeting Presentation- Delhi – 27th May, 2016

                         (b)Template - Comments on ECBC 2016 document

(4) Development of technical reference material such as ECBC User guide , Tip Sheets for lighting , enevelop,HVAC, simulation and energy efficiency in Data Centre

                         (a)ECBC Userguide V-0.2 (Public)

                         (b)Building Envelope Tip Sheet

                         (c)Building Lighting Tip Sheet

                         (d)HVAC System Tip Sheet

                         (e)Energy Simulation Tip Sheet

                         (f)Energy Efficiency in Data Centre Tip Sheet

(5) Development of conformance/compliance check tool(ECOnirman) to help architects/ design      professionals and code compliance officials to assess conformance with code reqirements

                        (a) ECOnirman Prescritive

                        (b) EConirman WBP

                        (c) ECObench

                        (d) ECBC Conformance Check Tool

(6) Standard ECBC Training Modules covering various aspects of the code and

(7) Integration of ECBC with Building Bye-laws.

Complementing the efforts of the government of India, the ECBC has been integrated in other rating & compliance systems being followed in the country such as EIA (Environmental Impact Assessment) for large area development under MoEF (Ministry of Environment & Forest), Green Rating for Integrated Habitat Assessment (GRIHA) rating system of ADARSH and Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design (LEED) rating system of the Indian Green Building Council (IGBC).