17 Aug 2022

PAT- Notifications

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          1. Notification for Revision of the value of per metric tonne of oil equivalent of energy consumed   

          2.  Target Notification of PAT cycle -VI

          3. Notification of PAT cycle - V   

          4. Notification for reduction of threshold Level

          5. Notification for targets of DISCOM sector

          6. PAT Rules, Amendement -2018

          7.  Notification for PAT Cycle - IV

          8. Notification of Petrochemical sector under PAT Scheme

          9. Notification for Commercial Buildings Sector under PAT Scheme

          10.  Corrigendum-PAT III

          11.  Notification for PAT Cycle - III

           12. Notification for PAT Cycle - II     

          13. PAT Rules, Amendement- 2016

         14. Notification of Railway, Refinery and DISCOM sectors under PAT scheme

         15. Notification for the conduct of Energy Audit

         16. PAT Rules, 2012

          17.   Target Notification for PAT cycle -I
          18.  Notification for Minimum annual energy consumption to become a Designated Consumer, 2007
          19.  Notification of Form 1, 2007
         20. Bureau of Energy Efficiency (the manner and Intervals of Time for Conduct of Energy Audit) Regulations, 2009
         21. Bureau of Energy Efficiency (Manner and Intervals of Time for Conduct of Energy Audit) Regulations, 2010
         22. Energy Conservation (Form, Manner and Time for furnishing information with regard to Energy Consumed and Action Taken on Recommendations of Accredited Energy Auditor) Rules, 2008
         23. OM to start the registration process with Registry on 23rd August,2021.
         24. OM Modification in Procedure for the Transaction of ESCerts dated 23rd August 2021
         25. Notification for inclusion of Airports Railway workshops and Production units and Cement Grinding Units in PAT​