17 Sep 2019

PAT- Workshops

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Regional workshop on PAT scheme and Pat Rules For PAT-4 Designated Consumers held on
23rdFebruary 2018


  1. Minutes of Meeting
National workshop for DCs of PAT cycle –IV – 23rd March 2018 at New Delhi


1. PAT Rules 2012 

2.Perform Acheive & Trade- Hotels Under Buildings Sector

 Regional workshop on PAT scheme, Procedure f or Registration,ESCerts Trading  and Pat Rules For PAT-2 and PAT-3 Designated Consumers  held on 7th  September​

1.Minutes of proceedings            with SERC and SDA

    2. Minutes of Meeting of                Workshop

Workshop for PAT Cycle I Designated Consumers on Familiarization of ESCerts Trading Process held on 22nd May 2017 at IHC, New Delhi

1Press Release(English)       (Hindi)


1.Presentation on Registration of DCs to become Eligible Entity and Trading Process

2. Registration of Designated Consumers(DCs) with Registry for dealing in ESCerts

3. Workshop for PAT Cycle I Designated Consumers on Familiarization of ESCerts Trading Process

4. ESCerts Trading

Regional Workshops on PAT Scheme held at Chandigarh, Hyderabad, Raipur in the months of October-November 2016


1. Overview of PAT Scheme: Acheivements and Prospects

2. Modified Form I and Sector Specific Proforma

3. ESCerts Mechanism

Meetings with SERC's and SDA's on penalty and adjudication procedures held at Chandigarh, Hyderabad, Raipur in the months of October -November 2016


1. Enforcement Machinery under EC Act 2001

Workshop on PAT Scheme Update& Evaluation on 16th october'2015


1. Deepening and Widening of PAT Scheme and Provisions of EC Act Applicable to DCs

2. Amendments in PAT Rules

3. ESCerts Trading under PAT Scheme​

4.  PAT Overview


Workshop on Diagnostic tools for assessment of energy efficiency potential in Thermal Power Plants on 19th Feburary 2018 at India Habitat Centre, New Delhi:

Session 1

1.GIZ Experience with Ebsilon


3.Kalkitech Eltrixe

4.Ebsilon Diagnostic Tool

Session 2

1.Thermal Flex by Dr. Damm

2.Energy Efficiency Potential Assesment of Chandrapura TPS

3.Ebsilon Software-Usuage and experience by GIPCL

4.MTPS TANGENDCO IGEN Implementation Report


Workshops in Petroleum Refinery, Railways & DISCOMS Sectors under PAT Scheme :

Workshop on Energy Efficiency Improvements in Petroleum Refineries under PAT Scheme in New Delhi on 5th July 2016 Workshop for Petroleum Refineries under PAT Cycle-II on 12th May in New Delhi &18th May 2016 in Mumbai
Workshop for Railways under PAT Cycle-II on 14th June 2016 in New Delhi Workshop for DISCOMs under PAT cycle II on 23rd May in Banglore

Western Region Capacity Building Workshop for Officers of Petroleum Refinery Sector on " Efficient Use of Energy" held at IOC-Gujarat Refinery on 7th July 2017

Workshop on DISCOMs under PAT cycle II on 8th August 2016 in New Delhi