Standards & Labeling

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The Standards & Labeling Programme is one of the major thrust areas of BEE. A key objective of this scheme is to provide the consumer an informed choice about the energy saving and thereby the cost saving potential of the relevant marketed product. The scheme targets display of energy performance labels on high energy end use equipment & appliances and lays down minimum energy performance standards.
Star Labelled Appliances

Presently, S&L program covers star ratings for 30 appliances/equipment. A list of the appliances covered under the ambit of Star Labeling is given below:

Mandatory Appliances - 

Sr.No. Equipments Name Notifications/ Gazette
1 Frost Free Refrigerator Frost Free (No-Frost) Refrigerator
2 Stationary Storage Type Electric Water Heater Electric Geysers
3 Colour Television Color TV
4 Room Air Conditioner (Variable Speed) IAC Notification/ Gazette
5 TFL Tubular Fluorescent Lamps
6 LED LAMPS LED Notification/ Gazette
7 Room Air Conditioner (Fixed Speed) Room Air Conditioners
8 RAC (Cassette, Floor Standing Tower, Ceiling, Corner AC) RAC (Cassette, Floor Standing Tower, Ceiling, Corner AC)
9 Distribution Transformer Distribution Transformer
10 Direct Cool Refrigerator Direct Cool Refrigerator
11 Ceiling Fan Ceiling Fans


Voluntary Appliances -

Sr. No. Equipments Name Schedules for Equipments
1 Computer Schedule 14 - Computer (Notebook /Laptops)
2 Domestic Gas Stove Schedule 9 -Domestic Liquefied Petroleum Gas(LPG) Stoves
3 General Purpose Industrial Motor Schedule 6 - Induction Motors
4 Submersible Pump Set Schedule 7 - Agricultural Pump Sets
5 Washing Machine (Semi/Top Load/Front Load) Schedule 12 - Washing Machine
6 Ballast Schedule 15 - Ballast (Electronic/Magnetic)
7 Solid State Inverter Schedule 17 Solid State Inverter
8 Office Automation Products Schedule 16 – Office equipment's (Printer, Copier, Scanner, MFD’s).
9 Diesel Engine Driven MonosetPumps for Agricultural Purposes Schedule 13-Diesel Engine Driven MonosetPumps for Agricultural Purposes
10 Diesel Generator Set Schedule 18 Diesel Generator
11 Chillers Schedule 21 Chillers
12 Microwave Oven Schedule 22 Microwave Ovens
13 Solar Water Heater Schedule 23 Solar Water Heaters
14 Deep Freezers Schedule 25 DEEP FREEZERS
15 Light Commercial AC Fixed Speed Schedule 24 Light Commercial Air conditioners
16 Ultra-High Definition (UHD) Televisions Schedule 26 UHD Televisions
17 Air Compressors Schedule 27 Air Compressor
18 Tyres/Tires Schedule 30 Tyres
19 High Energy Li-Battery SCHEDULE-29 Li-ion traction batteries and Systems


The BEE approved star labelled models of each Appliances can be verified through Search And Compare 

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