Strengthening of SDAs& State EC Funds

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Strengthening of State Designated Agency (SDAs)

As has been mentioned earlier, the implementation and enforcement of the provisions of the Energy Conservation Act in the states is to be carried out by SDAs.  As on date, the SDAs have been set up in 32 states by designating one of the existing organizations as required under section 15 (d) of the Energy Conservation Act 2001. These agencies differ from State to State with the Renewable Energy Development Agency (44%), Electrical Inspectorate (25%), Distribution Companies (12%), Power Departments (16%) and others (3%).In order to kick start the energy conservation activities at the state level with an emphasis on building institutional capacities of the SDAs, Ministry of Power had approved the scheme of Providing financial assistance to the State Designated Agencies for strengthening their institutional capacities and capabilities during the XI plan. The major achievements were:

* Internet platform was developed by 26 SDAs.
* 47 demonstration projects implemented in street lighting and water pumping stations.
* LED Village Campaign implemented by 28 States.
* Investment grade energy audit completed in 491 Govt. buildings.


During the XII plan, thrust will be on establishment of the enforcement machinery at the State level.

Contribution to State Energy Conservation Fund (SECF) Scheme

The State Energy Conservation Fund (SECF)is an instrument to overcome the major barriers for implementation of energy efficiency projects. The contribution under State Energy Conservation Fund (SECF) was made to those State Govt. / UT Administration who have created their SECF and finalized the rules and regulations to operationalise the same. The scheme was for contribution to all the State/UTs with a maximum ceiling of Rs. 4.00 crores for any State/UT provided in two instalments of Rs. 2.00 crores each. The second instalment of contribution to SECF was released only after the states have provided a matching contribution to the BEE’s first instalment. The terms and conditions for release of financial assistance under Contribution to SECF remains the same during the 12th plan, only with exemption for North Eastern States. The matching contribution by State Government for North Eastern States is relaxed to Rs 25 lakhs instead of Rs 2.0 crores. Till date, an amount of Rs 82 crores has been disbursed to 26 states. Out of these, 15 states have provided matching contribution.