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1.5 Indo – Canada Energy Forum

Following areas have been proposed for  cooperation in area of energy efficiency by WG-2 on Electricity, Renewable & Energy Efficiency constituted under the Indo-Canada Bilateral on energy.

  1. Energy Analysis, Simulation tools in Small & Medium Enterprises, Building and Municipalities.

  2. Rating, Standards and monitoring tool to indicate energy and environmental performance of small and medium Enterprises.

  3. Combustion and other potential technologies in the Small and medium enterprises and large Industries.

  4. Cost effective energy efficient building practices, retrofit measures.

  5. Guidelines on development of energy efficient standards for residential buildings

  6. Training programme for Small and Medium Enterprises, Buildings, Municipal, developing industrial benchmarks.

Exchange of Technical experts and best practices from green Energy Act and Green Municipal Fund being implemented in Canada on Street and Public Lighting Area Lighting Waste and Water Management