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QR Code:

BEE aims at implementing QR code in present system of affixing star label. Star Labels on an appliance enable a Consumer to know the performance of an appliance, eventually helping a Consumer to make informed decisions on cost and energy saving potential at the time of purchase. With the adoption of Unique QR code on every appliance under the S&L scheme, BEE wants to ensure the authenticity of the labels used in the market, so that misuse of Star Labels can be obviated by empowering the Consumer to retrieve and verify the technical specifications displayed on the star label affixed on an appliance with ease from registered appliance database of BEE using a phone by scanning or a text message.

Manufacturers would be mandated to affix QR codes for every appliance bearing a BEE star label. Moreover, the adoption of QR Code eco-system should portray a relevant picture of the Indian Appliance Market scenario, by tracking the sales in different categories of appliances at various stages in respective supply chains with the help of QR Codes. Further, it is expected that this QR Code based eco-system shall enable manufacturers/ distributors/ retailers, log the sale of appliances with the help of existing BEE star label mobile app directly in the BEE database. BEE aims to deploy QR Code as a fail-proof way to adopt and implement anti counterfeit of BEE labels and to capture appliance sales.

Mobile App:

Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE) has developed a mobile application for Standards and Labeling (S&L) program for consumers. The app is linked with S&L database of BEE, thus it provides a platform to receive real-time feedback from consumers and other stakeholders. The data in the app is updated daily.

Currently, consumers rely on energy efficiency information that is presented on star label. Mobile application will allow consumers to instantly compare personalized energy savings across all products of a specific class and thus enabling consumers to choose more efficient products that are available in the market.

The app can be downloaded on android and iOS (BEE Star Label).  BEE also published advertisement in national newspapers to promote the usage of the app and is using the app as an awareness and outreach medium under the S&L program as well as guide to consumers for purchasing decision.

Features of the app

Comparison- The application has the ability to compare products, their energy and cost savings, star rating etc. This would enable informed decision making.

Filters- It lets user filter the product list depending on the basis of various parameters such as star rating, volume, energy consumption etc., which varies for products. This simplifies their search as they don’t have to scan through entire list of products but they can use this feature to narrow down their search options.

Store receipts- One of the most important feature of the app is ability to store receipts for products thus enabling people to access it for future use. Users can click a picture of the receipt and save it for warranty, annual maintenance etc. 

Favourites- The app allows users to add the products to favourite list which they can access later in case they want to see the selected products at the store.

Settings- It allows users to see the assumptions that have been used for calculating monetary savings. It also allows users to change default values by changing number of years for which they would like to calculate savings, energy cost depending on the region of residing etc.

Feedback- The app has the ability to provide feedback on existing products, feedback on the app or any of the features etc. The app would support policy for analysing, or creating appliance standards and consumers to enable them access to and leverage this data in their purchasing decisions. The adoption of such an app would yield rich benefits to policymakers, consumers and researchers concerned with energy efficiency of consumer electronics and home appliances. The app can be downloaded at play store by searching for BEE Star label as seen below:

Please contact BEE help desk at and 011-26766700, for any issues.

S&L web portal:

The advantages of Standard & Labeling web portal are as under:

  1. Manufacturers can file their applications online.
  2. Easy tracking of applications filed by manufacturers.
  3. Reports can be downloaded easily.
  4. Minimizes paperwork.
  5. The list of BEE approved models is available in the public domain through linkage of the S&L application with the website of BEE.
  6. More effective communication between manufacturers and BEE.
  7. Analysis of energy savings and generation of reports thereof.
  8. Integration of SMS gateways and Payment gateways for smoother operations.

Technology Currently Used and Its Description

Front End (Page View): ASP.NET 4.0, MVC

Architecture Business Process: C#, LINQ

Back End(Database): MS SQL SERVER 2012 / MS SQL SERVER 2017

Platform Windows: R2 2008 / R2 2012

Webserver: IIS7 

Others: AJAX, XML, BI, J Query, Bootstrap etc.